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Watercolour by John

Watercolour by John

Discover & Develop Painting watercolour and acrylics is an exciting six week course suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners.  During the course you will have the opportunity to discover and develop skills, knowledge and experience in either watercolour, acrylic painting or both.

Each session will start with specially designed exercises, leading to independent practical work during the second half of the day with on-going referencing of relevant artists and their methods,  with reference material and handouts provided.




Session 1:  Develop an insight into the artist’s quality equipment (everything you will need is provided) ; learn how to mix colour hues, tints and shades, have an insight to colour theory, practice to control small washes and produce a watercolour collage.

Session 2: Explore tonal values, make tonal ladders using layering a approach and by mixing individual tones, explore tones and areal perspective when painting a landscape.

Session 3: Practise to be in control of your washes, analyse values and water-to-pigment ratios, using sponges, spray bottles, splashes, clean film and masking fluid when painting wet on wet. Investigate the use of sweeping strokes and expressive brush marks.

Session 4: Get inspiration from watercolour painters, explore watercolour and ink, investigate Turner’s texture and his approach to painting on top of a tonal wash.

Session 5-6: During this sessions you will be encouraged to develop personal work.


Session 1: During this session you will: learn how to use your materials, explore colour mixing, the effects of colour primers and layering and go on to produce your own work.

Session 2 and 3: You will investigate how to build a balanced composition, mix, apply and create texture, using acrylic paints and card. You will work from observation using your own images/drawings or imagery provided as a starting point. Utilising traditional methods with contemporary approaches, you will have the opportunity to create creative landscape paintings.

 Session 4: During the day you will concentrate on portraying a specific type of atmosphere in your chosen landscape. You will develop knowledge and experience of perspective, tonal values and composition to create the character of a city or town.

Session 5:  During this session we shall look at Kyffin Williams and explore exercises incorporating creative accidents, involving colour, texture, and composition whilst manipulating paint using large brushes and palette knives to create works of balance, shape, form, and light. 

Session 6: During this session you shall investigate how to create an exciting composition, with expressive energy incorporating collage and acrylic paints. Exploring the works of David Tress, you will develop representational landscapes, particularly, how a personal, expressive 'gut response' painting, can be underpinned by keen observation, drawing and painting skills. Using your own images, drawings or provided imagery you will have the opportunity to produce exciting and inspirational work. The session will value an expressive, emotional and spiritual response to landscape.

'A Snow Shower' - David Tress

'A Snow Shower' - David Tress


During this six week course you shall have the opportunity to continue to produce short and long studies selected from artists’ work; be encouraged to use a variety of tools when painting; practise the effective use of mark making; further explore soft and hard edges, focal point and composition structure; continue to develop ‘loose’ painting style and gain inspiration and development of personal atmospheric work.


During the six week course you will have the opportunity to explore the technique of applying layers, exploring the effects of colour primers, followed by general shapes and blocks of colour, moving into details and nuances. You can take inspiration from artists’ work, produce representational and semiabstract paintings, explore texture and brush marks, paint using items such as sponges and palette knives. 

All materials will be provided,  we shall be painting on greyboard, however, if you wish to paint on canvas you may indeed bring your own.

This painting course is taught by practicing artist Julia Borodina who graduated from Omsk University, Russia. Julia has a passion for colour, dynamic brushstrokes and loose painting technique. she has an extensive teaching experience which includes working with numerous art colleges specialising in painting and drawing. Julia’s work has been exhibited at The Royal Institute of Painters in water colour annual exhibition and at The Royal Society of Birmingham Artists.

Six week course - commencing Monday 27th February - Monday 3rd April 2017 -

Time: 10am - 3pm - Suitable for all all materials and refreshments provided - (just bring a packed lunch) Cost : £195

Plenty of one to one -  only 4  places left - please contact Pennie to book a place - email: office: 09104 270707 - mobile: 07851 299140