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Introduction to Cyanotype Printing Workshop - Tutor: Rachel Sedman - When: Thursday 13th June 2019 - Time: 10am - 3.00pm - Level: All - All materials & refreshments included (just bring a packed lunch) - Cost: £45 - Limited places available

Cyanotype printing is one of the first photographic processes to be discovered in 1842.  It is characterised by the deep indigo blue prints that are produced using this process which are a result of the mixture of two iron based compounds. It is referred to now as an Alternative Photographic Process and it’s a great way to use darkroom techniques but without the use of a camera.

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Cyanotype printing offers an affordable introduction to the world of photographic processes and printmaking. You will learn how to coat paper with cyanotype solution and then to expose paper to make a print. It is a flexible processes where any found material can be used to make a negative or images can be used from photographs using an acetate photocopy. Objects and acetate negatives are then exposed to direct sunlight or through the use of a specialised UV lamp. The image is then washed off in water thoroughly to show the final image. You will also learn techniques to tint the final images to create different tonal ranges of your prints. You are encouraged to bring objects of interest with you to use for the day to experiment with this process.

This workshop will be a fun, practical and creative day where you will learn techniques and process that can be applied at home. There will be a specially created hand out detailing the process and where to buy equipment from. Suitable for beginners with no experience necessary.

Limited places available. Please get in touch to book a place or if you have any questions. Email: office: 01904 651085 mobile: 07851 299140